5 Top Highest-Paying Positions in Australia

Highest Paying Job Australia

Dash ahead in your career with a look at the highest-paying jobs and salaries available in Australia. With the right training, you can open up higher salary options and enjoy financial stability with a satisfying job. Discover how to equip yourself for maximum earning potential today!

Surgeons: $378,012 to $451,769 AUD annually

As the highest-paid professionals in Australia, it’s no surprise that surgeons make up the top of this list. With a challenging and exciting practice as almost any type of surgeon, there is a wide range of salaries possible – from $378,012 to $451,769 AUD per year. Specialization and experience are the most important factors when considering salary within this field.

Psychiatrists: $238,520 to $362,252 AUD annually

As mental health remains a high priority for the general population, seeking medical advice and treatment for mental illness is becoming more common. Psychiatrists specialize in helping people understand & manage their own mental illnesses, playing an important role in society & helping people lead better and healthier lives.

GPs – General Practitioners:  $207,653 to $272,293 annually

General practitioners (GPs) are front-line primary health professionals and provide health services for the general population in Australia. They diagnose and treat illnesses, manage chronic (long-term) conditions, coordinate care for various healthcare professionals, and refer patients to hospitals or other specialized teams of health professionals. GP salaries vary significantly depending on an individual’s experience, location, and number of hours worked. The median salary range as reported by Job Outlook is $207,653 to $272,293 annually.

Air Traffic Controllers:  Up to$143,810 annually

Air traffic controllers are responsible for ensuring safe and timely air travel. They direct the movement of aircraft within designated airspace, including entering or exiting air routes, diverting aircraft due to weather problems or emergencies, and providing updates for computer-generated flight plans. Air traffic controllers in Australia earn a salary between $98,770 and $143,810 annually, according to Job Outlook.

Mining Engineers: Around $142k per year

Mining engineers are responsible for the safe and effective development of mines. They work with geologists to create plans to locate and extract minerals, evaluate the economic feasibility of projects, design underground workings and block diagrams, select equipment, plan production activities, and install safety systems. In Australia, mining engineers can earn an average salary of $142,390 per year. The highest salaries can be found in Western Australia ($153,570) and Queensland ($152,210).

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